I probably have over 50GB of travel photos, but some are just too special to keep filed away. I’ve mentioned in an earlier post the benefits of off-season travel, and this freezing late December night was no exception. It was cold, and often wet and snowy, but the sights were so much more enjoyable without having to weave through crowds and wait in long lines. My friend and I spent 4 exciting days exploring the city of Prague. We even trekked to Sedlec Ossuary  (which I’ll write more about later) in heavy snow.

I am by no means a professional photographer, using only a Canon EOS  Rebel Xsi, but it doesn’t take a professional to realize when you have something special. This photo was taken on the last night of our trip, in the old town square, with the Gothic Tyn Chrch lit up in the background. It felt like the city was saying goodbye, and this photo was my departing gift to remember Prague.