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A Quick Guide to the History of Salisbury, England

The moment I sunk into the warm mismatched chairs at The Haunch of Venison, I knew that Salisbury was a special place. Sitting down for a hearty meal of soup, bread, and beer in a city so old makes modern problems seem trivial. My thoughts were not on myself, but rather […]


Canterbury Cathedral

What is it about this riot of color, light, and depth that is so captivating? One of my favorite travel photos comes from a short winter’s trip to England. Canterbury Cathedral is one of the oldest Christian structures in England. The cathedral’s long and mysterious history begins in the year […]

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A Severed Hand, A Hidden Tunnel, and Salisbury’s Oldest Pub

The Oldest Pub in England? Probably not, but the Haunch of Venison is definitely the oldest in Salisbury, and the most unique pub that I have ever visited. From the “ladies box” up front with its own door; to the pewter bar and severed hand on display, this place certainly […]