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10 History Blogs to Follow

Reposted from the Ancient History Encyclopedia Cuneiform Writing. Photographer Jan van der Crabben I’ve been spending most of my free time teaching 9th grade World History, but I’m thrilled too see Jaunting Jen included in the Ancient History Encyclopedia’s list of 10 history blogs to follow. 10 History Blogs to Follow by […]

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7 Strange Artifacts from Malta

We know many things about history. However, the unknown far outweighs the known. Throughout my travels, I have come not only to embrace, but to seek out history’s mysteries. If your eyes are keen and your mind is open you can find mysteries wherever you travel. Malta is a place where […]

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Curse Scrolls, Mystery Cults, and the Secret Roman History of Mainz

I’ve neglected my blog for a little while to pursue my license to teach middle and high school history. When I first started Jaunting Jen, I thought I wanted to travel full time, but after two months in Europe and Malta, it’s clear to me that it’s better to maintain a […]

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Four Gold Hats: A Bronze Age Mystery

After viewing thousands of artifacts in multiple museums, sometimes it can be tempting to just keep walking. But then there are times when something just grabs you, stopping you in your tracks.That’s what happened to me when I was in the Speyer, Germany State Museum a few days after visiting […]

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Just me, a cat, and the Temple of Olympian Zeus

Sometimes the most interesting travel experiences come from bypassing the main attraction. The first thought that comes to mind about Athens, Greece is usually the Parthenon, but if you walk right across the street there is another wonder of the ancient world. The Temple of Olympian Zeus, or Olympieion was […]

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The Last Moments of Pompeii, 79 A.D.

A lot of people have been to Pompeii, and a lot of bloggers have written extensively about the city. However, each perspective is unique, and no two people will experience the city in the same way. Pompeii was a thriving cosmopolitan Roman city near Naples, Italy. Although the city was conquered […]