Every time I look at the photo above I long to visit Greece again. It’s not just the awe-inspiring scenery, amazing food, or ancient history. It’s the way of life. Slow, calm, relaxed, and beautiful. Yes, Greece is going through some tough economic times right now, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from visiting. The U.S. Dollar goes a long way in Greece.

My first visit to Greece was actually for work. I worked on an archaeological excavation that didn’t end very well. The director and I disagreed on how to handle finding non-Greek archaeological remains. I ended up leaving the 6-week excavation two weeks early. Although that’s not a particularly proud moment for me, I did end up seeing more of Greece that I had originally planned. The highlight of that trip was a visit to the breathtaking island of Santorini. On Santorini you will find the bluest of blues, and a way of life that you can’t find anywhere else.

My second visit to Greece was a a spontaneous adventure that I decided to treat myself to after returning (alive and unhurt) from Iraq. No one knew I was going and it was an awesome solo trip. I even caught a glimpse of Greek Idol tryouts being filmed at my hotel. My third visit to Greece will be in May after I complete my second year of teaching world history.

So without further delay, here are my top 10 reasons it’s time to go back to Greece:

Affordable Accommodation

Nice Air BnB rentals in Greece are going for as low as $25 a night. Air BnB is the way to go for cheap, friendly accommodation. I hardly ever stay in hotels anymore and sharing someone’s home is an excellent way to immerse yourself in another culture.

The Food

Souvlaki, feta, fresh veggies, fresh seafood and baklava. I could eat this for the rest of my life, and it’s so inexpensive in Greece!

The Ruins

Athens is a great first stop, but less traveled destinations like Corinth are also worth visiting. I have a friend from Corinth that I hope to see again next summer!

 The People

I can’t think of one instance where I felt harassed in Greece. I was alone the entire time on my second visit and I felt completely safe and welcomed. Of course I followed normal safety precautions like I would in any other city (like not walking around alone at night down deserted streets).

Beautiful Blue Water

Everywhere you go in Greece you are surrounded by the Mediterranean sea. If you love the ocean, there’s no better place on earth than Greece.

The Black and White Sand Beaches of the Islands

The black sand beach of Perissa, Santorini is my favorite. Clothing is optional at many of Greece’s beaches. Santorini has just the right blend of nightlife, history, and quiet scenery. A trip from the mainland to Santorini can take as little as 5 hours on a high-speed ferry, and up to 8 hours on the Blue Star. More information on the ferry can be found on TripAdvisor.

The Museums

I spent an entire day at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, and it still wasn’t enough. Check out some of the museum photos here.

Agamamnon's Mask

History & Archaeology

Greece has too many archaeological sites to count but the list of Top 10 Archaeological Sites in Greece is worth a look.


Sure it was a little chilly in February, but the trade off is avoiding the crowds. I haven’t found a climate that I enjoy more than the one in Greece.

Friendly cats everywhere!

Greece will always be one of my favorite travel destinations. Do you have a favorite destination or a dream destination that’s calling you?

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