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Malta’s Neolithic Underground

Let me tell you all about Malt’a’s secret neolithic underground. It’s been a while be since my last update. The last few months have gone by in a flash. The new school year started in early August (I teach 9th grade world history as many of you know), I got married on the day […]

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7 Strange Artifacts from Malta

We know many things about history. However, the unknown far outweighs the known. Throughout my travels, I have come not only to embrace, but to seek out history’s mysteries. If your eyes are keen and your mind is open you can find mysteries wherever you travel. Malta is a place where […]

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Valetta, Malta: The Most Proud City

Even though I’ve only been back from Malta for about three months, there’s no place that I miss more than this superbissima, or most proud city. My favorite place on this beautiful earth used to be Greece. Greece was bumped to the status of second place favorite after I landed in Valetta, […]