How the Wood Stork Made My Day

The most rewarding experiences are ofen the least expected. Throughout my travels I find that I am repeatedly being drawn to nature. Although his blog started out with a history focus, the natural wold is becoming a significant theme. Encounters like the one I had with a wood stork make me realize the magic of … Continue reading How the Wood Stork Made My Day


Why Florida State Parks are an Outstanding Bargain

Why head to Florida's state parks when there are almost 1,200 miles of coastline to visit? The answer is, because you will find nature everywhere, an uncrowded atmosphere, and excellent facilities for camping. We had no intention of exploring the state parks before we arrived in Florida last week, but an unexpected visit to Lake … Continue reading Why Florida State Parks are an Outstanding Bargain

America’s First (European) City

It's not Boston, New York, or even Jamestown, Virginia. America's first (European) city is St. Augustine, Florida. That statement is augmented with  "European" so the civilizations of Cahokia, Chaco Canyon, and Mesa Verde are not minimized. I've had several opportunities to visit St. Augustine, and there's something new and exciting to see every time. St. Augustine was founded in … Continue reading America’s First (European) City