Blogs I Read

A Dangerous Businesss
Anna Everywhere
Ancient Foods
Be My Travel Muse
Broke Backpacker
Expert Vagabond
Following Hadrian
Getting Stamped
Goats on the Road
History Fangirl
Legal Nomads
Lessons Learned Abroad
Nomadic Matt
Nomad Revelations
Nomadic Samuel
Passports & PCS
The Planet D
Poppin’ Smoke
Simple Dollar
Solo Traveler
Spanish and Go
Stuck in Customs
Thrifty Nomads
Wanderer Writes
Wandering Earl



  1. Hi
    Me and a friend want to start a project and we need people like you that like travel and history. The idea is to have history audio clips that you can listen while traveling. The concept is explained in
    I would love to hear your opinion, it would be great if you can fill in the survey. I hope you like the idea.

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