Bisbee: Where Copper Was Queen

Locally roasted coffee, ghost stories, mining history, shopping, historic hotels, and museums? Is there one place to find all of that? The answer is yes. Bisbee, Arizona.

I’ve been visiting Bisbee on and off since 2011, and every visit is something different. I may spend one day shopping, or another just wandering around and sipping coffee. On my 25th or so visit to Bisbee, I thought about writing a guide, something that shows Bisbee’s uniqueness and quirky flavor. So here it is, The Best of Bisbee Guide: 24 hours in the Old West.

1908 Walter-Douglas House

First Stop: Breakfast

On your way into Bisbee  you have a choice between two scenic roads, Highway 92, and Highway 80. I recommend taking one highway in and the other one on your way out so you don’t miss out on the views.

The first stop in the Bisbee Guide is the Bisbee Breakfast Club. This restaurant used to be in the town of Lowell, Arizona, but now it’s part of Bisbee. It’s also right next to the Lavender Pit. While Lowell was once a town in its own right, today it’s little more than a single street (Erie St.) frozen in time. I keep going back to the Bisbee Breakfast Club for exactly three reasons: steak, eggs, and a biscuit so big it’s served in a bowl. More than once I’ve started my day exploring Bisbee at the Bisbee Breakfast Club. Don’t forget to wander around the restaurant and looks for evidence that it was once a drugstore and a men’s shoe store.

Insider Tip: You’re allowed to order half portions
Hours & Location: 75 Erie St, Bisbee, AZ 85603    7am – 3pm  7 Days a Week

Next Stop: Exploring Lowell

It won’t take long to wander the single street full of vintage vehicles and nostalgic storefronts.

Old Lowell Police Department

Bisbee Guide Stop #3: View the Lavender Pit

The Lavender Pit is the entire reason for Bisbee’s existence. Open-pit copper mining began here in 1917, and trickled to a halt in 1974. There’s still a lot of activity going on around mine, although what that is anyone’s guess.

The oldest part of the Lavender Pit

Take an Underground Mine Tour

Outfit yourself in a miner’s hard hat, headlamp and yellow raincoat and head underground. At the Copper Queen Mine you’ll start to discover Bisbee’s past and the reason for the town’s existence. It’s chilly 1,500 ft underground, so you may want to wear long sleeves.

Hours & Location: 9am – 3pm Daily                     478 N Dart Rd, Bisbee, AZ 85603

Stop For Coffee at Old Bisbee Roasters

How do I know so much about Bisbee? Because I go there a couple of times a month for my coffee. It’s my favorite. There’s no way I could leave this place out of my Bisbee guide, so here it is. Once you have coffee from Old Bisbee Roasters, you may not want anything from the grocery store again.

Insider Tips: They may look closed, but if the door’s unlocked go right in, ask for a free espresso and take home a bag of freshly roasted beans.

Hours & Location: 7 Naco Rd.              M-F 9am – 4pm            Old Bisbee Roasters

I travel to Bisbee just to get my coffee

Explore the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum

Insider Tip: Don’t miss the mineral display upstairs. There’s a sister display inside the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington D.C.

Hours & Location: 5 Copper Queen Plaza    10am – 4pm daily     Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum

Get Insider Information at the Bisbee Tour Company

I don’t usually go on tours. I wasn’t thinking about a tour until someone at the museum recommended it. Some of the most rewarding experiences come from stepping outside of one’s comfort zone. Taking this tour was one of those rewarding experiences. I learned more about Bisbee in an hour than from previous visits wandering around on my own..

Insider Tip: If you like history, ask for Leeza

Location & Hours: Copper Queen Plaza Parking Lot, From 10am daily. Bisbee Tour Company

Shop for Jewelry and Minerals on Main Street

My favorite store is the bright yellow Gloria’s, but there are dozens of awesome and unique shops to explore. look for the mineral Campbellite, unique to Bisbee.

Check out the Bisbee Peace Wall and “Bisbee 1000”

No trip to Bisbee is complete without viewing (and climbing) one of the famous sets of stairs. Can you imagine carrying groceries up those? Or furniture? Although the signs say “Bisbee 1000,” there are closer to 40,000 stairs scattered throughout the town.

The famous Bisbee Peace Wall at Castle Rock

Grab a Late Lunch at Screaming Banshee Pizza

Insider Tip: The pizza is amazing, anything else takes too long.

Location & Hours:  200 Tombstone Canyon Rd.   Hours vary, closed on Monday & Tuesday.               

An old gas station turned pizza restaurant

Just Wander

Some of my greatest discoveries in Bisbee (and around the world) come from forgetting my schedule and just wandering around town. No itinerary, no destination, no deadlines. Wander around the town and see where she leads you.

Insider Tip: Look for the wild patches of fennel (a herb) growing all over town.

Shop for unique food and gifts at the High Desert Market and Cafe
One of Bisbee’s oldest churches

Check in & Explore one of Bisbee’s Historic Hotels

Since I live so close to Bisbee, I haven’t actually stayed in one of the town’s famous hotels. However, no Bisbee guide is complete without the mention of at least one place to lay your head for the night. Whether you like history, ghosts, shopping, or dining, there’s something for everyone. I chose to highlight three of my favorite hotels for this Bisbee Guide, but there are many more interesting inns and hotels scattered throughout the town.

The entrance to the haunted Copper Queen Hotel

Try the Sampler Tray at Old Bisbee Brewing Company

I’m not a big drinker. I can’t actually remember the last time I had a beer (I think it was around New Year’s). However, if you’re looking for a unique microbrewery, this is it. Order the sampler tray and it won’t take long to figure out what you love, what you hate, and what you kinda like.

The main attraction on the street known as “Brewery Gulch”

Remember Bisbee’s “Working Women”

A sad fact of life in a mining town is the overlooked lives of the prostitutes. I’d heard about Bisbee’s dark side before, but I had no idea just how many of Bisbee’s beautiful historic homes were brothels until I went on the tour with Leza. Unless you know what you’re looking for, it’s easy to drive right past the strange-looking houses with multiple doors and windows. As it turns out these homes were once brothels, with each woman living in the space the size of a tiny closet. Take a moment to remember the hard lives of those who lived here before us.

Last Stop on the Bisbee Guide: End the Day With a Walking Ghost Tour

All of the places I discuss in this post are places that I often frequent. One of the only things that I haven’t actually done yet is go on an evening walking ghost tour. I’ve heard from several sources in Bisbee that they’re actually pretty awesome. Several companies offer these tours, and it shouldn’t be too hard to find one wandering around town. Or better yet, go on your own evening walking tour of Bisbee, the town is safe, and I’ve been out alone there at night several times without fear. If you’re looking for a scare, be sure to check out the red and white Oliver House. With a history of more than 27 murders on the property, there’s bound to be some truth in all the reports of ghost sightings.

Bisbee’s City Park and High School

Even after I moved away from Arizona for several years, I often thought of Bisbee. I couldn’t be happier that my new home is only twenty minutes away from such a quirky little historic town.  I venture into Bisbee at least once a month, sometimes more often. Each time I make a new friend and discover something new. What will you find on your next trip to Bisbee?

** All places discussed in this Bisbee Guide are places that I often visit on my own at my expense. However, I did receive a complimentary tour from the Bisbee Tour Company. Is there anywhere you would add to the Bisbee Guide? If so I’d love to hear from you.


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