Looking back on six weeks in Tulum, Mexico we have a lot of great memories. One of the highlights of our visit was our stay at Zamas Beachfront Resort. We were invited for a complimentary stay in an ocean-front bungalow. Below is a recap of what we experienced at Zamas for three blissful days.

The Scenery

By far the best part of staying at Zamas is the beautiful ocean view. We’ve never stayed so close to the ocean before, and the bungalow we stayed in is just a few steps from the water (just 17!). We spent our afternoons lounging in a hammock and enjoying the breeze. Some of our best photos from Mexico came from our stay on the beachfront. At Zamas we found complete relaxation, beautiful views, and soothing sounds of the ocean.

Blissful Quiet

Although Tulum can get busy in the off-season, our stay at Zamas was perfectly quiet. Our bungalow is at the front of the property and very close to the restaurant. We weren’t disturbed at all during our stay. We arrived at about 11:00 am fully planning to enjoy the beach while waiting for our room. Instead of a long wait, we’re given a warm welcome by the manager and allowed to check-in right away.

Que Fresco! Restaurante

The Restaurant at Zamas is awesome. We visited five resorts during our time in Tulum. The restaurant at Zamas is the best and most reasonably priced of the five. We left one (unnamed) restaurant with a terrible case of food poisoning, (but that’s another story).

The frugal traveler would have brought food to eat at the resort. We decided to splurge and take most of our meals at the Que Fresco restaurant. Even with drinks and tips, a meal was rarely more than $14 USD for both of us.

Nothing beats being able to walk barefoot a few steps to the restaurant. We spent our mornings sipping coffee while watching the sunrise in the distance.


Hidden Cenotes

Everyone knows I love hiking, wildlife, and geology. Imagine my excitement to find two secret cenotes (limestone wells) on the property of Zamas. I knew we had to check them out. They’re both pretty cool. You can’t swim in the cenotes at Zamas, but they’re an oasis for wildlife. You can take a rest and watch the fish come out to say hi. If you’re quiet you may just catch a blue crab peeking out of his sandy home at sunrise or sunset.

A Pool in The Jungle

Just across the road and you will find an entirely different Zamas. The beachfront bungalows are the main attraction, but if you’re a nature lover then the jungle bungalows are just for you. Cozy love nest for two? Check. Multi-story home with room enough for an extended family? Check. The best part about crossing the street is the pool right in the middle of the jungle. The pool is exceptionally clean with a fence near the road for privacy.

Steps From The Water

From hammock to ocean is just seventeen steps. That’s just about as close as you’re going to get unless you’re sleeping on a towel by the water. Our bungalow came equipped with a king-sized bed and two hammocks on the porch. We opened the windows at night and heard the ocean breeze from our bed. Everything is shut off at about 11pm. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to sit on the porch of our bungalow in the blackness and listen to the waves roll in.


Unique Accommodation

Our room is spectacular and unique. A king-sized bed with a built-in fan is the centerpiece of the room. A day-bed is conveniently situated under the front window. The open bathroom is decorated in bright blue tile. Homemade honey-infused shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion waits for every guest. The only negative I have to say about our accommodation is that it was hot. Even with two fans blowing it was too hot for us to sleep soundly. I was nervous about leaving our door wide-open with the road right behind us. If the door is left open, it will probably be cool enough to sleep well.

Outstanding Service

Above all, one of the things we love the most about our stay is the service. The manager knew our stay was complimentary, but the rest of the staff did not. The service was outstanding anyway. From the beach towels and honey shampoo and conditioner, and tour of the property, every thing was perfect. The service at the restaurant is also great considering that I can be slightly on the picky side.


Because our stay was so great at Zamas, we plan to return to this resort in the summer. Our stay at Zamas was complementary.