I really dig historic architecture, and recently I’ve started to notice these old brick buildings that have been built over multiple times. The first of these buildings that I noticed is in Mainz, Germany. Just the other day I was wandering around Boston’s Chinatown looking for dinner and what did I find around the corner? Another building that used to be something else. Has anyone else seen any of these bricked-over buildings? It looks like someone just laid bricks right on top of the roof to enlarge the structure. However these could also be the outlines of buildings that have long been demolished. I really don’t know but I would certainly appreciate any input on the subject.

Mainz Historic Brick Building

If the buildings have not been built up then the outlines are the ghosts of buildings next door that have long since faded into obscurity. In the case of the building in Mainz, Germany, it looks like the structure was enlarged three or four times, or perhaps the building that is left preserves a record of three or four different phases of construction next door. There’s something really special about these old brick buildings. It looks like their ghosts are trying to leave us a message about the past. I would love to see your photos if you find any structures with this unique architectural feature.

Boston Chinatown Historic Brick

Boston Back Bay Brick

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