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9 Ways Military Veterans Can Save Money on Travel

I love to travel. Who doesn’t? The next adventure is always right around the corner. ¬†Almost six years of military service opened my eyes to the world. Three years in Germany and nearly a year in Iraq allowed me to completely immerse myself in other cultures. Drunken barracks parties were […]

Travel Tips

A Veteran’s Tips on How to Stay Safe When You Travel

In light of the recent tragedies in Florida, we’ve spent some time discussing how to stay safe when we travel. Seven years in the military, two years working for a public school system, and travel to twenty countries has taught me a few things on how to stay safe, and¬†how […]

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Why Florida State Parks are an Outstanding Bargain

Why head to Florida’s state parks when there are almost 1,200 miles of coastline to visit? The answer is, because you will find nature everywhere, an uncrowded atmosphere, and excellent facilities for camping. We had no intention of exploring the state parks before we arrived in Florida last week, but […]