Jauntinge Jen at Stonehenge

It’s almost February, and I’ve been away from home for almost two months. During that time I’ve been asking myself why did I start another travel bog when there are already a million great travel blogs out there. I wasn’t sure of a whole lot of things when I started writing eight months ago, but I am sure that I love history and travel, and I am sure that I want to continue to write and share my experiences.

A lot has happened since I started this blog last June; a serious illness, a seven week trip to Germany, England, and Malta, and the start of a new career in teaching. I’ve been an archaeologist and a soldier, and now its time share my love of history, travel, and the world with students….. and maybe create a few history buffs along the way.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted because I have been thinking about where I want to go with this blog, if I want to continue this blog, and if I want to try and turn it into something commercial. While I was traveling this time I realized that I do not want to be on the computer every single day posting and writing about my travels, I’d rather write after the fact. Writing after the fact allows me to present the background research behind a trip, often uncovering little-known historical details along the way. Writing after the fact allows me to thoughtfully share my insights and discoveries with my readers. I’ve come to the conclusion that I love history far more than I ever want to make any money off of my writing. Since I write about such a specialized set of interests, I know that I will reach a smaller audience, and that is ok with me. This will never be a travel blog about the cheapest hotel, best place to eat, or how to live off of travel blogging. However it will be a travel blog where you can learn about history, dream of a destination, and find out something about a place that you might not see anywhere else.

I won’t be going anywhere exciting for the next four months while I complete my certification to teach middle and high school social studies, but I have seven weeks worth of adventures to share. If any of my readers want even more history, I recently started contributing to the Ancient History Encyclopedia. It’s a nonprofit website, and a great history resource for all ages.

So even though I haven’t posted in three weeks, I am still committed to Jaunting Jen and I look forward to sharing my adventures in the future. The only question is, what should I write about next? Charlemagne’s Palace at Aachen? Megalithic Temples in Malta? England’s Cathedrals? I also have a surprise post coming soon about a game that was commonly played in the ancient world, evidence of which can be found all over the world today…… you just have to know where to look.

Bon Voyage,

Jaunting Jen

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