How To Travel Well on a Budget

Let's be honest here, who doesn't want to travel more? I know I do. Always have, always will. Ever since my first trip to Jordan 16 years ago, I've known that I want travel to be a constant part of my life. There's just one problem, I'm not rich. How can we afford to travel … Continue reading How To Travel Well on a Budget

Golden Mold Cape

The British Museum was on my "bucket list" for a very long time. After I was finally able to check it off, I spent some time thinking back to my one favorite exhibit. Even though my visit lasted just a few hours, I was able to take in some pretty amazing treasures, the Mold Cape above … Continue reading Golden Mold Cape

Traveling as a Couple and Space-A

The countdown has officially started. It's really going to happen. After years of dreaming of traveling the world full-time, it's becoming a reality...and we're going to do it as a couple. We know it won't be easy, but we're going to share our lessons and adventures along the way. First Stop, Greece. It's scary. Quitting our jobs (at the … Continue reading Traveling as a Couple and Space-A