Just me, a cat, and the Temple of Olympian Zeus

Sometimes the most interesting travel experiences come from bypassing the main attraction. The first thought that comes to mind about Athens, Greece is usually the Parthenon, but if you walk right across the street there is another wonder of the ancient world. The Temple of Olympian Zeus, or Olympieion was built about 2,600 years ago, … Continue reading Just me, a cat, and the Temple of Olympian Zeus

The Masks of Mycenae

Of all the treasures I've laid eyes on in my life, none have fascinated me more than the five Mycenaean gold masks at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. The museum is home to thousands of spectacular treasures, but the gold masks are the stars. Heinrich Schliemann discovered the masks in 1876, while excavating in Mycenae, Greece. Three of the … Continue reading The Masks of Mycenae