Author: Jen Brown

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Why Florida State Parks are an Outstanding Bargain

Why head to Florida’s state parks when there are almost 1,200 miles of coastline to visit? The answer is, because you will find nature everywhere, an uncrowded atmosphere, and excellent facilities for camping. We had no intention of exploring the state parks before we arrived in Florida last week, but […]

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How I Decided on the Ultimate Computer For Travel

I’ll admit it, I’m stubborn. Very stubborn. Because of my stubbornness I’ve made do with a painfully slow Samsung laptop for the past 3 years. About six months ago the cheap hinges broke and the screen had to be propped up to be functional. My husband and I are frugal and […]


Canterbury Cathedral

What is it about this riot of color, light, and depth that is so captivating? One of my favorite travel photos comes from a short winter’s trip to England. Canterbury Cathedral is one of the oldest Christian structures in England. The cathedral’s long and mysterious history begins in the year […]

United States Travel

8 Ways Military Service Made Me a Better World Traveler

In less than a month my whole world is changing. I’ll be leaving the teaching job that I love so much because the world is calling me, to travel. I’ve been focused on future travel plans, but my thoughts often return to the past, especially my service in the Army. […]