Author: Jen Brown


The Best Adventures are the Most Unexpected

Adventure in the Most Unexpected Places Five weeks in Tulum can really spoil a person. Three days into our ten-day Cancun disaster, something unexpected crossed our path. Our Air BnB host suggested that we visit the Mayan ruins of El Meco less than a mile up the road. Another day in […]


7 Reasons to Avoid Cancun

It’s hard to top Tulum as travel destinations go. Maybe that’s why our visit to Cancun was such a disaster. Well, disaster is a relative term. We didn’t have any terrible things happen to us. However, it was still a pretty bad couple of days…. Everything is Ridiculously Expensive Everyone […]

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Why You Should Know What Happened on October 10, 732

October 10, 732 It’s the date that one man changed EVERYTHING! As a historian I’ve long known that the Battle of Tours is a key moment in world history. Why doesn’t it receive more than a paragraph or two in world history textbooks? I can’t really answer that, but I […]