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Coffee…Like You’ve Never Had it Before

La Pasteleteria – Cancun Although Cancun was pretty much a disaster, coffee at Pastelteria is an amazing experience. It really is coffee like you’ve never had it before. Ordering alchemist coffee on a whim was an adventure in itself. Finding the restaurant near the famous Fifth Avenue shopping was another […]

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Hiking Coronado National Forest

Moving to Arizona Moving all the way to Arizona is a scary thing to do. It was completely spontaneous. The entire five-day drive out here was spent searching for a city and an apartment. One of the toughest things about moving to from the east coast to the desert was […]


How to Not Tour Isla Mujeres During a Hurricane

Isla Mujeres The Island of Women. Fifteen minutes by ferry from Cancun and you’re there. It’s rumored to be one of the most beautiful spots in the Caribbean Sea. While this small Caribbean island is truly beautiful, it’s also one of the places that I’ve experienced true fear while traveling. The […]

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Exploring Arizona’s Red Mountain Volcano

Have you ever been inside of a volcano? Did you know that you can explore the inside of a volcano in Arizona? As you may know from earlier posts, I’m a huge fan of national forests and state parks, but they’re often underrated. Red Mountain Volcano is no exception. Completely […]


Notre-Dame Basilica Montreal

Notre-Dame Basilica Montreal, Canada Like its grander sister in Paris, France, the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, Canada is a spectacular sight. Built in an imposing Gothic-revival style, the cathedral in Montreal is the site of many famous weddings. Although the cathedral was built in 1823. The history of the parish […]

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A Quick Guide to the History of Salisbury, England

The moment I sunk into the warm mismatched chairs at The Haunch of Venison, I knew that Salisbury was a special place. Sitting down for a hearty meal of soup, bread, and beer in a city so old makes modern problems seem trivial. My thoughts were not on myself, but rather […]