Welcome to my Blog

Hi! I’m Jen. Thanks for visiting. I created this blog to share all of my adventures exploring the world. I’m an Army Veteran, coffee lover, historian and history teacher. In 2016 year my husband and I left our jobs to live like full-time nomads. We spent an amazing summer exploring Mexico, but we missed having a place to call home. So here we are in Arizona. A place full of mountains and mystery, history and hiking.

What You Won’t Find Here

NO Ads, Sponsored posts, sponsored trips, and annoying pop-ups demanding money.
You won’t find me hiking in a ball gown or heels.
No fashion or makeup tips. It’s not that I don’t care about fashion and makeup, I care about  history and travel more.
Politics: Nope not here, plenty of other travel bloggers out there discussing politics.

I earn enough income teaching History full-time, English online part-time, and freelance writing, that I can ignore the gimmicks and focus on what I love.

What You Will Find Here

Gratitude. I’ve lived as a soldier, archaeologist, contractor, and history teacher. I’m incredibly thankful for all of my life experiences. I’m grateful that I had the self-reliance to find my own way and earn several degrees along the way, including a Master’s in Education that I’ll finish up in a few months.

I have Multiple Sclerosis, and every day that I can get up and go to work is a great day. Having the physical and financial ability to travel in my free time makes life even better.

History Stories: Jaunting Jen is a blog about travel with a historical twist, especially short “jaunts.”

Travel Stories and occasional travel tips.

What’s Next?

Who knows. We spent some time in the Four Corners region of the United States this summer and we both know we want to live there for a few years. After we left our jobs in 2016 it didn’t take me long to really miss my students and teaching history. Arizona is an amazing place to live. Low crime, low population density, unlimited recreational activities, and a low-cost of living makes every day seem like a vacation. Maybe we’ll just stay here a few more years…