Welcome to my Blog

Hi! I’m Jen. Thanks for visiting. I created this blog to share all of my adventures exploring the world. I’m an Army Veteran, coffee lover, historian and history teacher. Three years ago I thought I wanted to t ravel full-time. It didn’t take long to miss a place to call home and a few furry friends to hang out with. It also didn’t take long to miss the one thing I love more than anything, history. I ended up in Arizona, teaching history full-time, traveling when I can, and oh yeah, earning an Master’s degree in Education. This blog is a fun hobby, rather than a work chore. I hop you find my adventures exploring the Southwest entertaining and informative.

What You Won’t Find Here

NO Ads, sponsored posts, sponsored trips, and annoying pop-ups demanding money. I travel and write about what I want, when I want.
You won’t find me hiking in a ball gown or heels.
No fashion or makeup tips. It’s not that I don’t care about fashion and makeup, I care about  history and travel more.
Politics: Nope not here, plenty of other travel bloggers out there discussing politics.

What You Will Find Here

Gratitude. I’ve lived as a soldier, archaeologist, contractor, and history teacher. I’m incredibly thankful for all of my life experiences. I’m grateful that I had the self-reliance to find my own way and earn several degrees along the way, including a Master’s in Education that I’ll finish up in a few months.

I have Multiple Sclerosis, and every day that I can get up and go to work is a great day. Having the physical and financial ability to travel in my free time makes life even better.

History Stories: Jaunting Jen is a blog about travel with a historical twist, especially short “jaunts.”

Travel Stories and occasional travel tips.

What’s Next?

Who knows. It will probably involve some combination of travel, history, and the Southwest . Maybe we’ll just stay here a few more years…