How the Wood Stork Made My Day

Wood StorkThe most rewarding experiences are ofen the least expected.

Throughout my travels I find that I am repeatedly being drawn to nature. Although his blog started out with a history focus, the natural wold is becoming a significant theme. Encounters like the one I had with a wood stork make me realize the magic of nature that is all around. It’s too bad that nature is largely ignored in an age of social media likes and shares. Who cares about a bird right?

I Care

I have always loved birds, even as a child I remember sitting out in the yard and imagining where they are going. We were tired and hot from our day of photographing the beach and nature at Fort DeSoto Park in Florida. We were eating lunch in our air-conditioned car when I spotted him.

Fort Desoto Wood Stork

The Wood Stork

Underneath a tree, trying to catch some shade, poking around in the grass. A wood stork, the first one I’ve ever seen. The wood stork is a threatened species that lives in tropical and sub-tropical environments. Did you ever hear anyone say “the stork brought your baby?” Well if you did, they were talking about this stork right here. It’s the only stork that breeds in North America. Until recently, this bird was on the endangered species list. It has been downgraded to “threatened” due to a successful recovery program.


A Moment Interrupted

Trying my best not to disturb this beautiful creature, I photographed him from a respectful distance with a  200mm zoom lens. He continued about his business until I heard a noise behind me. A woman walked passed me with her phone in hand attempting to get as close as possible to the stork. Really close, like right in his face. He moved but didn’t fly away.

Fortunately, it only took a silent glare from me to get her to back off. It’s takes a lot of discipline to not say something to someone who does something like this. Thanks Army and Yoga Teacher Training for giving me the strength to keep my mouth shut and keep myself out of trouble. People why I can’t be around other people sometimes, well its situations like this.

The stork didn’t seem to mind me. He watched me and I watched him. In the end, I took a few photographs and then went on my way. Walking away with a feeling of gratitude that I was allowed to have such a personal and meaningful encounter with magnificent wood stork.



2 thoughts on “How the Wood Stork Made My Day

  1. I had a wood stork walk right into our garage here in northern Sarasota. He followed me all around the garage and out to the back yard and back into the garage. So cool. He stayed an hour and was very curious and unafraid.
    Lisa E.

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