The Best Adventures are the Most Unexpected

Adventure in the Most Unexpected Places

Five weeks in Tulum can really spoil a person.

Three days into our ten-day Cancun disaster, something unexpected crossed our path. Our Air BnB host suggested that we visit the Mayan ruins of El Meco less than a mile up the road. Another day in the hotel zone is out of the question so why not? The unplanned trip to El Meco ended up being one of the highlights of our time in Cancun, if not all of Mexico.

After the amusement park madness at Chichen Itza, we are super pleased to see that we have the entire archaeological park to ourselves. We didn’t even arrive first thing in the morning. We were alone for hours. It was just me Joe, and the sounds of the jungle until…

Mysterious Noise in the Jungle

Suddenly a lot of noise was coming from the jungle. We moved closer to investigate. The leaves are falling and there’s a lot of movement, but what could it be?

The source of the noise escaped us. After a while, we just sat down and stopped moving. That’s when it all came together. The mystery was solved. We had stumbled upon a family of coati (small mammals like a raccoon) talking to each other. Oh they are a sight to watch. Playing, jumping, grooming each other. They didn’t mind us at all. In fact, they started moving closer and closer to check us out.

The Watchers Become the Watched

We sat on the ground here for probably an hour, although I could have stayed longer. We were able to take great photos and video just by sitting still. These little coati would have come right up to us had we let them. We didn’t let them get too close to us because we didn’t want them to become comfortable around humans.

The unexpected trip to El Meco was an encounter of a lifetime and is now a treadured memory. The lesson from this is to always embrace the unexpected. Take the good with the bad and there’s no telling what will come your way.

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