Coming Back is the Most Difficult Part of the Journey

Six Weeks in Mexico, Wow!

Now that we’ve been home exactly 10 days I can tell you, staying positive at the end of a trip is harder than ever. All I’ve ever wanted to do my entire life is travel and see the world. Now that I’m doing that, now what? We had an awesome time, made some amazing memories, but there it is again, that wanderlust. It’s always there just below the surface, like an itch that can’t be scratched.

I Love to Travel

But we as human beings also need a purpose. For a long time my purpose was a Soldier then an Officer in the United States Army. After the Army my purpose was to teach history. I absolutely love sharing history and travel stories with my students, but I gave that up to travel. The urge to wander is always there. Human beings have always wandered, and it was only about 5,000 years ago that we started to settle down. Maybe this urge to roam isn’t so unusual after all. The question remains, now what?

Ever feel lost and adrift?

Those feelings intensify after coming back. The awesomeness of six weeks in Mexico has been overshadowed by the looming question of what do we do now? We each had a purpose before we left our jobs and got rid of most of out stuff. Now I feel adrift and without a purpose in life. But wait a minute, there’s that wanderlust. Travel IS a purpose, and yoga also helps.

Too Many Choices

Right now Joe and I are suffering from a bad case of too many choices. One of my favorite travel bloggers recently wrote about the paradox of too many choices. We are constantly bombarded with choices everywhere we go. Some might say that these choices are meant to distract us from the real issues in the world.

Where do we go next? Should I take the full-time traditional teaching job or teach English online? Do I go ahead and plunge into a year of teaching English in China or Thailand? Do we still fly to Paris in the fall and then go to Greece despite the terrorist attacks in France and refugee lawlessness in Greece?

What’s Next?

While we figure things out I think I’m going to focus on our blog and teaching English to elementary school students. Joe is going to work for a little while remodeling houses (which he is very good at.) If we ever settle down and buy our own place I just know he is going to build us something amazing.

We’ve barely rested from our last trip and it already feels like its time to go again. Is that the definition of wanderlust?

Have you heard that the urge to travel may go all the way down to the genetic level? All my life all I’ve wanted to do is see the world. The wanderlust has always been there, I just didn’t know what to do with it until my first trip to Jordan sixteen years ago. After that first journey my feelings of wanderlust only intensified.

Maybe my purpose really is to travel, what’s yours?

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