How to Stay Positive at the End of a Trip

This trip to Mexico has changed our lives. We’ve discovered a few important facts during our month in paradise:

  1. We don’t need much to be happy.
  2. Anyone can travel.
  3. There’s more to life than accumulating “things.”
  4. Every day isn’t going to be perfect.
  5. The only constant is change.

Something strange happens at the half-way point of every trip…. thoughts of the end of the trip begin to take over. We wonder if this is common among all travelers, or if we just have a hard time staying positive and present in the moment. Even though we have 14 days left, suddenly we’re fixated on it being almost time to go. We know this is not the right answer, and as we’ve learned since we arrived in Mexico nearly a month ago, a lot can happen in 14 days.

We’re at a huge crossroads in life now. We’ve enjoyed ourselves more than we could imagine, but it’s not all perfect.

For starters, I didn’t realize how useless I would feel not earning any income. We’re not struggling, but I can’t escape the feeling that I should be DOING something. Yes, there’s the blog, to which I am dedicated, but it’s not really earning much money and I’m not sure it ever will. Then again, I didn’t create this blog to earn money, I created it to share my love of history, travel and nature.

So how do you handle it when you start feeling useless and become fixated on the end of your travels? Here’s what we’ve done so far to stay positive and stay in the moment..

Work Online

We probably should have looked into this months ago, but better late than never. I,’ve applied for several part-time jobs and have a few interviews next week. No, I won’t get rich, but it will bring in an income and help me feel useful. A great place to start is Upwork, I’ve had great success with them. It’s easier to stay positive if you feel productive and have an income.

Have a Backup Plan

I love teaching. I’m thinking of going back to teaching for a year or more. I have my resumes out and several applications submitted for teaching jobs in the fall. We’re also looking at teaching in China, Japan, or S. Korea, and I’m about to enroll in an online TEFL course. Neither of us ever turn our backs on an opportunity, even if it’s not what we planned.

Start Planning Your Next Trip

Nothing takes away the end of travel blues like planning the next adventure. Teaching English in China, hopping on a military, a cross-country road trip, and a Trip tp Greece are all in the works for us. Rather than focusing on the end of one trip, we’re looking forward to the next adventure.

You Can Always Come Back

Both of us have whined about leaving Tulum for Cancun on Thursday. When you put this into perspective, it’s a ridiculous thing to whine about. There are tons of things we want to do in Cancun before we fly back to Florida. Talk about a bad case of not living in the moment! We’ve spent a lot of time getting to know the locals and talking to our neighbors so we’ve made good connections for a return visit.

Live in This Moment, Today

Planning is great, but there is definitely a thing called over-planning. I’ve wasted several hundred, if not thousand dollars by now on over-planning and changing my mind later. One of our goals as a couple is more spontaneity and less over-planning. Who cares if we have to pay a little extra for a flight, it’s better than wasting hundreds down the road.

How do you feel at the end of your travels? We would love to hear about it. Leave a comment, email us a question, and share your opinion below.

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