Emperor Valens from the Trier Mint

photo by the author
photo by the author

The Bode Museum in Berlin, Germany boasts a number of spectacular artifacts from the Roman Empire, but the medallion of the Emperor Valens particularly stands out. Valens was Emperor of the eastern half of the Roman Empire from 28 March 364 until his death at the battle of Adrianople (in Turkey near the border of Bulgaria and Greece) on 9 AUG 378. Valens’ body was never recovered. Either he died on the battlefield or escaped to a village only to perish in a house fire, according to the Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus. Valens’ accomplishments during his lifetime are lackluster, but he is remembered today for being one of just a handful of Roman rulers to die on the battlefield. 

The medallion comes from the Trier mint and is currently on display at the Bode Museum in Berlin, Germany.

More Information on the Bode
Address: Am Kupfergraben 10117 Berlin
Getting There: U-Bahn U6 (Friedrichstraße)
Cost: 18 EUR for all museums on Museum Island
Hours: Closed Monday, 10:00am – 6:00pm TUE-SAT

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