The Beach at Tulum Ruins

Paradise on Earth. That’s what I see when I look at the photo above. That’s probably what the Mayans thought too when they built a temple complex overlooking the Caribbean Sea.  As November closes out and we move into a true desert winter in Arizona, these pictures make me warm. They also create a longing that’s hard to fill. The problem with having such a bad case of wanderlust is that you always want to go somewhere. Now that somewhere is Tulum. It felt like home. It still feels like home.

Six weeks in Tulum changed me forever. Staying somewhere that long confirmed what I already knew; slow travel is the best travel. It’s cheaper, you get to know the people, and you get to know the culture. It was really hard to leave Tulum. Cancun might as well be a different country when you compare it with the laid-back serenity of Tulum.

Want to Go?

Check out my post on getting the most out of your visit to the Tulum ruins. We went during the “off” season during June and July. It was hot but definitely not unbearable. The ruins however were still pretty crowded. This beach is accessible only through paid admission to the ruins. Decide if you want to see the ruins first or go to the beach, then make that your priority because you really have only a good hour or so after the park opens to enjoy the quiet.

Make sure you bring a LOT of water because it’s extremely hot at the ruins, even with the cool ocean breeze. Skip the tour guides and be your own guide with an inexpensive guidebook. One last word of caution, although the beach looks serene in my photo above, it’s not. Be careful of the waves, they’re stronger than they look. Finally, enjoy the view.

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