Tulum Temple of the Wind

1200 AD, the Crusades are just getting started in Europe. Death and destruction is everywhere, and the plague is a few centuries into the future.

What’s happening in Mexico during this time? Oh not much, just the end of the classical period in Mayan history. The Mayans are building the Temple of the Wind over a seaside cliff in Tulum, Mexico. Ehetcatl-Quetzalcotal or the Temple of the Wind, is the third most visited archaeological site in Mexico behind Chichen Itza and Teotihuacan near Mexico city.

The photo above from Tulum is one of my favorite from the trip so far, and reminds me why I love history so much. Standing in front of this temple and on this sacred site reminds me of how much greater the world is than my own personal world. Maybe history really isn’t your thing. Even so, you can’t stand in front of this temple overlooking the Caribbean Sea without being awe-struck.

Tulum Beachfront

This archaeological site is one of the most popular in Mexico, and for good reason. Beautiful vistas, awesome ruins, and a nature lover’s paradise are all waiting for the lucky visitor.

Since this site is one of the most popular in Mexico, you’ll want to follow a few tips for making the most of your visit. Make sure you have a plan, get there by 7:45, bring lots of water are just a few ways to enjoy your time at one of the top Mayan sites in Mexico. Also, make sure you skip the guides and buy a guidebook and tour the ruins on your own.

Is there a place that really moves you? A place of such beauty and such history that you feel powerless in its presence. There are a few places that have done that for me, Petra, Malta, Greece, and now Mexico. What’s yours?

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Tulum Ruins
Tulum Archaeological Ruins
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