Welcome to my Blog

Hi! I’m Jen. Thanks for visiting. I created this blog to share all of my adventures exploring the world. I’m an Army Veteran, coffee lover, historian and history teacher. Last year my husband and I left our jobs to live like full-time nomads. We spent an amazing summer exploring Mexico, but guess what? We missed having a home to come back to. So here we are in Arizona. Living the life that we love in a climate that’s worlds away from the frigid Virginia winters.

What You Won’t Find Here

NO Ads, Sponsored posts, sponsored trips, and annoying pop-ups demanding money.
You won’t find me hiking in a ball gown or heels.
No fashion or makeup tips. It’s not that I don’t care about fashion and makeup, it’s that I care about  history and travel more.
Politics: Nope not here, plenty of other travel bloggers out there discussing politics.

I earn enough income teaching History full-time, English online part-time, and freelance writing, that I can ignore the gimmicks. You won’t find anything here but my obsession with history and travel. I think my yard-sale National Geographic collection I acquired as a child had something to do with that. I hope that I can interest you too.

What You Will Find Here

Gratitude. I’ve lived as a soldier, archaeologist, contractor, and history teacher. I’m incredibly thankful for all of my life experiences. Despite a tumultuous childhood, somehow I managed to earn two Associates’ Degrees, a Bachelor’s Degree in History, and a 200 hour Karuna Yoga Teacher certification. This blog is a place to share information about history and travel (and sometimes nature).

I have Multiple Sclerosis, and every day that I can get up and go to work is a great day. Having the physical and financial ability to travel in my free time is the icing on the great day.

History Stories: Jaunting Jen is a blog about travel with a historical twist, especially short “jaunts.”

Travel Stories and occasional travel tips.

What’s Next?

Last year my husband and I quit our jobs and thought we wanted to travel forever. Well, one summer in Mexico and it didn’t take long to decide that we missed our pets and a place to call home. Shortly after we came back to the U.S. I started to REALLY miss teaching history and seeing the smiling faces of my students. We packed it all up again and headed to Arizona for the climate, low-cost of living, and low crime rate. We feel like we are on vacation all the time, even after a year of living in Arizona.

My husband is going to college full-time, while I returned to teaching full-time. In our spare time we explore Arizona and collect legends and history stories from people who have lived here for generations. We’ve also developed an interest in hunting for crystals and anything else to do with geology. When school lets out for the summer we plan a month-long trip to London, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, Romania, and Spain. Too ambitious? We’ll see. Bon Voyage.