Jaunting Jen

Hi! I’m Jen. Army Veteran, archaeologist, photographer, historian, history teacher, yogi, elephant lover, cat lover, and more. I created this blog to share my love of history, archaeology, and travel. I have a BA in history, and I’m not far from finishing my MA in ancient & classical history.

For six years I served on active duty in the United States Army. While in the Army I had the opportunity to travel to Iraq, Arizona, Germany, and lots of other cool places. Before the Army, I worked on archaeological excavations in China, Greece, Austria, Jordan, and Jamestown, Virginia. Working on those excavations were some of the most exciting times of my life!

After the Army I worked for a little while as a contractor. Right now I’m teaching 9th Grade World History and I haven’t had much time for travel or blogging, but teaching has been an adventure in itself.

I married a wonderful man, Joe, the day after Thanksgiving. We’re both quitting our jobs at the end of next month and setting out on our travel adventures in Mexico, Greece, the western U.S., and France. If you love history and travel, and want to read about our adventures, welcome to Jaunting Jen and Bon Voyage!