Muyil Mayan Ruins Secret Room


400dpiLogoCroppedHi! I’m Jen. Thanks for visiting.

I’m an Army Veteran, coffee lover, historian and history teacher.

I created this blog to share my passion for history and travel.

My husband and I are about to become full-time world travelers and we’re so excited about it. Do we have enough skills to make it? I can teach English and history, and I’m also a certified yoga instructor. Joe can fix/repair/or install just about anything. I’m going to write and he’s the photographer.We’re both tired of working ourselves to exhaustion just to pay for the normal trappings of life. We’re willing to trade the possibility of hard times for the opportunity to live free and travel.

I’ve been a soldier, archaeologist, contractor, and history teacher, now I’m going to be a traveler, full-time.

If you love history, travel, and coffee and want to follow us on our adventures, we’ll see you on the road. Bon Voyage!