Trover, “The Best of Everywhere” is a FREE travel app that has been around a few years. You can download Trover on iPhone or Android, or just go to the Trover website directly. I like it a lot, and let me tell you why. I use Trover extensively to plan upcoming trips, see what’s around me, and share my best photos.

A “trove” is a collection of valuable or delightful things, and that’s exactly what you’ll find on Trover. Why should you try Trover too? Check out my top ten reasons below:

Here’s my Trover profile from the computer:

Jaunting Jen Trover Profile

1. It’s super easy to sign up and start uploading photos right away from your device or computer. Just click the “add a photo” button at the top right and you’re ready to go! On your device just tap the “camera” icon to upload photos.

2. Trover puts the controls in your hands. You can decide how many notifications to receive, and how often. It is very easy to modify your settings so you’re not bombarded with messages. It’s also very easy to modify your profile information.

Add a Trover Photo

3. Search by your favorite location to see what’s around you. You can search by destination and see the discoveries fellow “Trovers” have uploaded. When you upload your photo, additional photos from the same location are immediately displayed. When I type in one of my favorite travel destinations, “Shenandoah National Park,” all of the photos tagged with that geo-location pop up.

Trover Search

4. Search by theme. Interested in Roman ruins? Coffee? Kayaking? Trover makes it easy to locate your specific interests. I’m obsessed with coffee, so I searched Trover for coffee around the world, check out the results below..

Trover Coffee Search

5. Go Mobile! Trover is one of the easiest apps to use on the go. Actually, I think it’s a little easier to use the mobile version than it is to login on the computer.

Jaunting Jen Trover Profile

6. Use Trover to plan your trips. This summer we’re going to Tulum and Greece, and we’ve been using Trover regularly to find ancient ruins, great food, and see what’s off the beaten path. We’ve added a few destinations to visit based on the photos we’ve found on Trover.

Trover Search

7. Make cool lists of anything and everything. The lists come in handy for travel planning. You can also follow lists created by fellow Trover users.

Trover Lists

8. Find “The Best of Everywhere.” Its so easy because all you have to do is turn on your “location services” in the privacy settings of your iPhone. You can filter “everywhere” into the categories listed at the top right. Once location is enabled on  your device, all you have to do it tap the “nearby” icon at the bottom of the screen.

The Best of Everywhere

9. Trover makes it easy to share the love. You can follow fellow Trovers, and “like” or comment on their photos. Share your best photos and you may just find yourself on Trover’s “What’s Hot” list.

Jaunting Jen Trover Share the Love

10. Did I say Trover is completely free? You can share and preserve your very best travel moments without paying a storage fee.

This post was written in partnership with Trover and I hope you enjoyed my review. My opinions are completely my own and I don’t (and won’t) write about any product or service that I don’t personally use and enjoy.

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